Suspected ‘Laughing Gas’ Link to Lifeless Discovery of Ukrainian Chess Champions in Moscow

Speed chess champion Stanislav Bogdanovich, 27, and his 18-year-old partner Alexandra Vernigora have been discovered with balloons filled with nitrous oxide by Moscow State College chess students, according to BBC reporting.

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Russian investigators have reported no indications of wrongdoing.

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Bogdanovich was brought under social media scrutiny recently for representing Russia in an online chess tournament; taking to Facebook just days ago in defense of this game (in which he ultimately triumphed). Regardless, tragedy befell Bogdanovich after this online controversy began brewing this week.

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“My top priority is doing what is best for the business; while there were no donations or special favors from anyone.” When in Russia he often welcomed with open arms. If that happened again it might become awkward.

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