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Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year celebrations, that five-week span can be jam packed with delicious food that may tempt us overindulgence – after all it’s been an especially tough year – yet come the following days, we suddenly become aware that we should reign back our sweet indulgence and focus on improving ourselves for next time around! Unfortunately though it comes time for Santa’s plate of cookies (stole!). And eventually it all adds up: it may all have been worth while but in hindsight not really worth all those goodies taken.

One such rush of energy could wreak havoc with your weight-loss efforts at any point throughout the year.

There’s no magic solution when it comes to recovering from the glut of indulgence that occurs between November 24 and the first day of a New Year, yet by making small and manageable changes like those listed below you could feel slimmer, rev your metabolism, manage holiday eating mindfully, and end 2018 feeling proud about meeting health and fitness objectives. Check out also these 21 Most Healthier Cooking Hacks of All Time to help guide your efforts!

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    Bring Dumbbells Into Black Friday No time for gym sessions? Purchase some dumbbells. Free weights or your own bodyweight should suffice in challenging each major muscle group in your body – as more muscle mass you add will allow your metabolism to function more effectively when burning off excess food energy from Thanksgiving feast and holiday celebration.
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    Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, your calendar can quickly fill with events, parties and obligations – leaving little time for exercise or recovery from overeating. So do yourself a favor: Instead of waiting to start exercising at the gym on New Year’s Day mornings alone, try sneaking steps throughout your day instead – buy yourself a pedometer or Fitbit and aim to cover at least 10,000 steps every day so if an activity falls through or an exercise gets cancelled due to family circumstances you won’t feel completely disoriented as progress can still continue uninterrupted despite interruption.

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Make an immediate switch by swapping egg nog with inexperienced tea. According to a 12-week research project, individuals who consumed four or five cups of inexperienced tea daily and did 25-minute exercises lost more weight and abdominal fat than non-tea-drinkers did due to catechins within its composition; catechins stimulate fat cell release from cells as well as accelerates liver ability for turning fats into energy for the liver’s usage as fuel.

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Fill up on Fiber and Protein
In order to successfully shed unwanted pounds, it’s key to keeping blood-sugar levels under control so as to not overeat. This is particularly important after Thanksgiving and throughout December as attempts are made at weight loss. To stay satiated for as long as possible while cutting calories and starved out starvation altogether, aim for three meals and two snacks daily that contain both high levels of fiber (satiating vitamins on the market) as well as protein each time you eat (check out 25 Finest Store-Purchased High-Protein Snacks as healthy alternatives). And to stay full longer ensure each time eating you consume some combination of both fiber (satiating vitamins on offer) along with protein at every mealtime!

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Seth Santoro, holistic wellbeing coach, suggests the key to not looking and feeling like 10 pounds in 5 pound bag after Thanksgiving is working out as soon as you wake up – hit the gym and run treadmill sprints on an empty abdomen to burn fats as this will trigger your body’s fat-burning capacity; glycogen stores deplete while sleeping so your body will utilize body fat as energy instead.

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Make winter’s short days count: Use sunset as an important signal to stop eating for the day, according to research published in Cell Metabolism journal. Doing this could potentially help you shed extra weight even if you consume additional meals throughout the day! Researchers conducted 100-day diet trials utilizing high-fat and high-calorie food sources for mice. Some were allowed to nibble throughout their evening and day time periods on an appropriate, managed plan while the others only had access to food every eight hours and could eat freely as per their preferences. After 16 hours without eating, fasting mice remained lean while mice who constantly snacked developed obesity–even though both groups consumed identical energy amounts! Delay breakfast until 10 am to help achieve weight loss while rejuvenating your body with our Last One-Day Detox!

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UCLA research on some of the world’s remaining hunter-gatherer tribes revealed that temperature drops had long been used as an essential sleep cue by our paleolithic forbears, serving as a key sleep trigger at sunset time for them. While we no longer sleep under stars that often, you can simulate this effect by taking hot bath or shower before bed. Doing this may help speed your nighttime restoratives and deepen the sleep time required for weight-shedding to take effect more efficiently and quickly! Need convincing? Check out 20 Amazing Strategies to Lose Weight While Sleep!

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Subdue the Temperatures
A groundbreaking new study published in Diabetes suggests that turning down the heat during winter could help us target belly fat while we sleep. Colder temperatures subtly enhance brown fat stores — fat that burns away stored stomach fat through metabolic processes — subtly increasing its effectiveness by 4 times after 4 weeks sleeping at temperatures as varied as 75, 66, or 81. This was evidenced when participants spent four weeks at sleeping temperatures 66 (ie reducing heat) rather than 75; when subject doubled their brown fat production (ie lost stomach fat too!) After 4 weeks sleeping there they had nearly doubled their quantities of brown fat which translated to stomach weight reduction of nearly double. (All this signified loss too!)

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Eat An Apple Each Day
Apples are one of the greatest superfoods. Filled with antioxidant quercetin and vitamins C and B-6 that reduce cholesterol levels and your risk for coronary disease, an apple every day could also help you to stay slimmer throughout the holidays thanks to its fiber content!

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Create Healthy Cocktails
While holiday season can bring laughter, cheer, and goodwill for all — it can also cause weight gain due to festive feasting! While gym time will likely diminish and pie consumption may increase slightly during this season of indulgence – don’t allow this excuse you from making healthy decisions: choose instead for beverages such as Scorching Toddy with ginger tea and whiskey in place of traditional eggnog cocktails and sugar-loaded spiced cider; these libations make healthy decisions easier!

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Start Intense
Interval training can be one of the easiest ways to kick-start your body back into shape during these hectic holiday days and weeks, improving metabolism, cholesterol profile and insulin sensitivity in particular. At a gym or joining a HIIT class or even by adding short bursts of intense pace (30-60 seconds initially) followed by periods of relaxation (regular pace for an equivalent length) over six-10 repetitions will prove effective as an interval workout – increasing duration over time as you become stronger! As soon as your proficiency increases so will your increased time spent doing elevated depth progressively increasing to full intensity over time as desired – perfect to beat holiday weight gain!

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Stay Active
A busy holiday schedule of parties, shopping trips and present wrapping is no excuse to forgo exercise and shed those turkey pounds! In fact, skipping workouts could only stall progress! But being healthy needn’t take up so much of your time: just swap long classes out with one daily resistance train like bicep curling, squatting lunging or shoulder press for just five minutes per day resistance training to build muscle, reduce fat accumulation and preserve bones! For easy fat loss techniques check out 44 Ways to Lose Inches of Body Fat!

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Learning to Love Legumes
Don’t feel pressured into eating cheese dip; make some delicious hummus instead! Legumes such as lentils and chickpeas provide rich vegetarian protein sources, proven to reduce inflammation, lower ldl cholesterol, boost fat metabolism and enhance satiety – while resistant starch produces slow digesting fiber that triggers the release of acetate – an intestinal signal telling your brain when to stop eating!

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De-bloat with Fruit Salad
Have your pants become snugger since only days ago? A rich holiday meal and sugary wine might be contributing to water retention and constipation. By including foods which fight bloat in your diet such as Kiwi, Honeydew Melon and Papaya in a fruit salad or keeping some around for snacking all throughout the season you could ease any discomfort and help to shed holiday weight faster!

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Strive for Seven Hours of Rest each Night Intention should be to achieve at least 7 hours of uninterrupted restful sleep every evening, especially over winter’s long naps. Sleep deprivation saps energy levels and imbalances hormones causing you to overeat; over time this could contribute to significant weight gain following holiday meals of 4,500 calories or more – and one recent research project demonstrated how even missing just half an hour can increase risk by 17%!

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Sip Rooibos Tea
Rooibos is produced from the leaves of a “pink bush” plant grown exclusively within South Africa’s Cederberg area near Cape City. What makes rooibos tea particularly effective against belly fat accumulation is Aspalathin; research conducted in South Africa demonstrated its antiadipogenic activity by as much as 22% while helping boost fat metabolism as well. Since Rooibos is naturally sweet tasting and deliciously sugar-free. Check out 22 Best Weight Losing Teas That Should be Consumed to discover other flavors!

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Studies conducted at The Diet Institute at the University of Tennessee suggest that calcium — found abundantly in whole milk — may aid your body in breaking down fat more efficiently. Other research shows increased dairy calcium consumption versus supplement calcium carbonate has caused individuals to excrete extra dietary fat rather than keep storing it up inside (on Thanksgiving alone, the average American consumes 229 grams according to Calorie Management Council estimates!).

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Muscle Up
Even while at rest, your body is constantly using energy – with 75% being spent just keeping you alive each day! “Resting metabolic rate” increases significantly with each additional pound of muscle consumed daily as each uses approximately 6 energy just to remain viable – meaning if you gain just 5 kg and keep them, that will equal burning the caloric equivalent of three kg in 12 months! That can come in very handy during an indulgent holiday period!

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Create Hearty Weight-Loss Soup
Do you know the USDA recommends getting between five and nine servings of vegetables and fruit daily? Well consider soup an extra credit score when eating rich holiday meals; its fiber-rich contents could provide three or four additional servings, leaving you satisfied and less bloated afterwards! We Have 20 Top Weight Loss Soup Recipes To Share Now

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    Add More Water
    Most people understand the necessity of drinking enough water during exercise to remain properly hydrated, yet many forget its significance throughout their day. Thirst can often be mistaken for starvation; so sipping on more water may prevent extra calories from sneaking their way onto holiday plates- and, most importantly, out of mouths! Additionally, excessive sodium consumed through holiday meals causes water retention and can bloat– consuming extra water may help flush it away!

Break Out Your Blender
First thing in the AM, silence your iPhone alarm, take a shower, and head directly for your blender to make yourself a fat-burning homemade smoothie for breakfast – making sure that Thanksgiving doesn’t become another excuse to overindulge in food and drinks! This strategy may keep your belly full as well as make up for overindulgence with less cravings throughout the day!

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Peppers for Weight-Loss Although capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their bite, is well-known to increase metabolism, new research presented at an Experimental Biology meeting has demonstrated non-spicy peppers also contain dihydrocapsiate (DCT). Examine subjects who consumed most DCT experienced nearly double metabolic increases when compared with their placebo group counterparts – so add plenty of poblanos!

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Make the Switch to a Standing Desk
Let’s do some quick math: most adults need eight hours of sleep each day; on average, most individuals spend 7-10 additional hours sitting at work desks, meaning most of our lives are sedentary. One British research project showed that standing while at work burned 50 more calories per hour than sitting. Assuming just 3 additional hours were dedicated solely to standing per day would amount to expelling over 30 thousand additional energy (that would equal approximately 8 pounds in fat in 1 year!)

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As people flock to restaurants during the holidays, and more likely than not ordering in from your favorite eatery this year, this can lead to excess weight gain. But that needn’t be the case: according to nutritionist Amy Shapiro MS.RD CDN of Real Diet NYC suggests ordering two appetizers instead of an entree as an immediate way of portion control and as these tend to be lighter options overall.

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Ditch Diet Soda
Diet soda might contain no calories, but it could thwart your efforts of staying fit this year. A study published in Developments in Endocrinology & Metabolism shows how artificially sweetened drinks may alter our bodies’ normal metabolic response to sugar – increasing appetite! Overeating has long been linked with diet drinks; now they’ve also been associated with weight gain, metabolic syndrome and various health concerns (see what happens to your body when quitting soda!). Avoid them at all cost!

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Watch Your Wine
Wine contains 120 Calories per five-ounce pour, so it can be easy to forget that when celebrating over the bar or with friends. After just two hefty pours you have consumed over 400 Calories — that doesn’t even account for dinner! “Reduce to at least one five ounce pour daily or lower your total by 25% to see weight reduction,” advises Shapiro, as you could reduce multiple pounds from coming off quickly! For additional guidance check out 5 Indications You are Consuming Too Much Wine

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Cookie bars, brownies and candy canes – they’re all within easy reach during the holidays – can quickly add extra pounds. Try swapping them out with almonds – their combination of protein and fiber satiation will keep snacking away for hours! Almonds contain L-arginine which may actually help your workout burn extra fats and carbs more effectively according to research published in American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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Bodybuilding wisdom dictates that for optimal muscle nourishing and metabolic performance, one should consume three square meals each day to stay on target with their weight-loss efforts. A study published by Hepatology placed two groups of male subjects on weight gain diets with different meal frequency strategies; one had three small meals with snacks between, whereas another consumed an equal number of calories all in three square meals daily. Both groups gained weight; however researchers noted an increase in stomach fat (i.e. the bad kind that boosts heart disease risk) was observed only among those eating three square meals every day compared with their counterparts! Consuming three meals is just one of 55 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism!

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Consume Bananas
While bananas may seem like an unlikely grocery store staple, their impactful health benefits should not be underrated. Our group of nutritionists conducted extensive testing on our group of banana eaters in order to learn what consuming one banana does for our bodies.

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Start Laughing
Holiday seasons are filled with great times with family and friends – including some good laughs – which is great way to start feeling healthier again. Research from the International Journal of Weight problems indicated that real laughter could cause up to 20% increases in basal energy expenditure and resting heart rate – meaning just 10-15 minutes of laughter could dissipate 40-170 energy!

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Snack on Darker Chocolate
With so much chocolate floating around over the holidays, make an effort to snack on just a bit of darkish chocolate every now and then for optimal health during these hectic times. Swiss and German researchers conducted a two week experiment wherein selected individuals consumed 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily for two weeks; at its completion these chocolate nibblers showed decreased stress-hormone levels as well as improved metabolism compared to their control groups. Scientists theorize that cocoa’s chemical constituents, known as flavonoids, may help regulate metabolism by alleviating stress that could otherwise trigger your fat-burning engines to fail. Should you think this means an excuse to indulge unrestrainably, take note: We are discussing small quantities of high-quality dark chocolate (about 1.5 ounces is sufficient). Need some guidance as to which model would suit best? Check out our report of Best and Worst Dark Candies!

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Obey the 80% Rule
Holiday buffets make it easy to undo all that damage Thanksgiving caused. Your goal should be to eat until 80% full before stopping (in Japan this is known as “hara hachi bun me”) but remember there will always be time later on for more food!

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    Create Detox Water
    Water can help your metabolism to rev up, assist with weight loss, and promote a flatter belly. Now take it one step further by mixing plain water with proven fat-burning superfoods to produce detox water – creating a delicious beverage which not only boosts your energy and fights bloat but can help achieve your weight-reduction objectives!

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Salmon Can Help Jump-Start Your Metabolism
Salmon may be the perfect protein source to promote metabolism. That is due to most cases of an underactive thyroid resulting from inflammation within its gland; salmon has powerful anti-inflammatory effects thanks to its abundant omega-3 fatty acid content; in fact, one research of weight reduction and seafood consumption demonstrated this fact – salmon was better at decreasing inflammation than cod, fish oil or no fish diet! Furthermore, its rich fatty acid content may prompt cells in your liver to burn excess fat as per research published by The Journal of Dietary Biochemistry!

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Enhance Fiber
A Thanksgiving feast may sometimes stretch on for too long; kick start its digestion by upping your fiber consumption post-feast. Aim to consume more unprocessed sources like fresh vegetables and fruits (ideally 25-38) each day as part of an overall goal of 25 to 38 grams daily fiber intake; it is easy to do just by filling up on these 43 Best Sources of Fiber Foods.

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Espresso Is an Excellent Way to Increase Metabolism
Espresso can help increase metabolism and therefore accelerate weight loss, according to research published in the American Journal of Scientific Diet. Caffeinated espresso was shown to accelerate it by 16% more than decaf, according to this research! Additionally, caffeine supplements were proven to enable cyclists to pedal further than placebo users during pre-workout rides – opt for venti without sweeteners for maximum potential!

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Vitamin D should be an integral component of most Americans’ daily regimens; its importance extends far beyond maintaining metabolism-accelerating muscle tissue. Unfortunately, only 20-25% of us get sufficient amounts from our food alone (400IU per day for most); 90% can be met through eating salmon alone but adding in supplements makes sense as an effective strategy as well as increasing consumption from fortified milk, cereal and eggs as good sources.

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While indulging occasionally may not affect your waistline too much, making it a routine can hinder metabolic rate and decrease fat-burning capabilities by as much as 73%! When our bodies need to digest a cocktail instead of digesting previously eaten meals that is ready for digestion – slowing the metabolic process down considerably! For best results when celebrating special events such as bachelor or bachelorette parties with alcohol consumption (such as weddings and parties!), stick with lower-cal drinks alternating them with water to slow your pace, stopping after two drinks to slow yourself off. Also avoid typical bar food items like fries and burgers which often carry high calorific value!

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    Sure, pasta can help you lose extra weight! Have you been to Italy? Perhaps you were amazed to observe their ability to maintain slim figures even as they indulge in carb-laden dishes daily – however the secret lies within using simple, healthful and contemporary ingredients while keeping portions small and manageable.

Make Chia Seed Pudding
That is right – we want you to eat pudding this holiday season! Chia seeds pack an impressive 11 grams of fiber into just two tablespoons, making them one of the best appetite suppressants available and delicious ways to incorporate this superfood into daily food plans. Chia pudding can help add this superfood into daily meal planning for weight loss; we have collected our favorite mouthwatering recipes (ranging from dessert-inspired to tea-infused!) below so you can begin eating towards a flat post-holiday stomach today! These 45 Finest-Ever Chia Pudding Recipes For Weight Loss