The Ultimate Approach to Shedding Pounds During the Holiday Season

Holiday season is here and that means one thing: lots of delicious food. You don’t want to lose sight of the weight loss goals, but you also shouldn’t ignore all your favourite dishes which only appear annually. You have been working hard, anyway! Also, holiday weight gain is a real possibility. But don’t worry. There are several (straightforward!) ways to keep yourself on track. You can do a lot to keep yourself on track during the best time of the year.

The health expert Adriana Gentile says that her health and nutrition program assists clients to achieve balance by facilitating healthy digestion, increasing natural energy, balancing hormonal levels, deep cleaning of the mobile, reducing body fat, and building muscle mass.

It is up to you to be accountable. It’s easier than you think. Gentile offers her best tips to help you stay on track and lose those kilos during the holidays. If you follow her advice, you will be able to lose weight during the holidays. Check out 21 of the Best Healthy Cooking Hacks to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Breakfast is important.
Gentile suggests that you should start your morning with a routine rich in nutrients.

She says that breakfast is a crucial meal because it determines the choices you make for your diet later in the day. “Give the body enough protein, fats, carbohydrates, and, most importantly, micronutrients” (aka vitamins and minerals). It’s not the right time to stop taking your multivitamins and perhaps it is the best time to invest in a greens supplement! Fill these nutritional gaps first thing in the morning to ensure your body does not confuse a vitamin and mineral deficiency with a craving.


Continue to eat regularly throughout the day.
Gentile explains that you don’t need to eat large portions, but rather they should be consistent so as to keep your metabolism high. This can also go along with providing constant nutrients to your body so that it feels nourished. You are less likely to experience cravings later in the day.

You may want to maintain a regular meal schedule instead of waiting until dinner time to gorge and then skipping the rest of the day.

Gentile recommends eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks between. You can also strategize by macros, such as protein, fat and carbs. If you know you will have a heavy carbohydrate dinner, you might want to stick to your healthy fats, vegetables, and protein during the day.

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
Instead of drinking eggnog, try sipping on water.

Gentile says that it has never been more important to drink your daily 3-4 liters of water. Water consumption has many benefits, but during the holidays, it’s a great tool to rely on. It can help you feel fuller longer between meals, reducing your caloric intake. It helps to flush out the extra sodium from all these delicious holiday meals. “The more water you drink, you retain less water.”


Choose alcohol wisely
You’ll need to think twice before you drink that holiday cocktail. Gentile suggests that you should make a better choice if you want to lose weight while still enjoying the festivities.

“The best plan is one that you can stick to for the longest,” Gentile says. “For some of you, Baileys in your coffee in December may be your factor, but your new factor’ will be the weight loss goals you have set for yourself.” “Let’s try to make a more informed decision instead of cutting it out completely.”

Smarter swaps is the key!

“Red wine is usually lower in sugar than white wine. It also has the antioxidant-like resveratrol. She says that vodka is the lowest calorie-dense liquor. Gin, whiskey and tequila are tied for second. If you’re going to drink alcohol, you should make sure to drink more water. You’ll thank me the next morning!


Exercise is important.
You must find a way to keep going, no matter how much is happening.

“I know that the holidays can be hectic, but you must make time for yourself. You could lose your way in achieving your weight loss goals, just as you would in a parking lot at a mall on Christmas Eve. “Right now, you should do a combination of heavyweights in order to break down your muscles fibers and give a place for holiday energy to go to restore the great injury that’s been done. High-intensity period coaching (HIIT), to keep your heart rate high and promote your fat loss coaching zone. After a night of overindulgence, fasted exercises can be a great way to get back into shape.

Not sure where to begin? Gentile suggests that you should find a program you think will give you the best results.

Follow this system. She says to “find a plan that is reasonable and you’re passionate about” and then manage your schedule around it, making sure that your exercise time is allocated. Respect the time that you’ve set aside for yourself and stick to your schedule. “An hour of exercise is only 4% your time. You bought this.”


Saying “no” is not a bad thing.
While the holidays are a time when you spend time with family, don’t feel pressured to eat something you don’t want to. Decide to put the food on your plate that you will enjoy.

Gentile says, “My recommendation is to give someone the freedom to say “no”, or to express their goals for their event. Many people are influenced by the pressure of work/household because they don’t want to hurt others’ feelings. This mentality will only appease those around you, and not yourself.

What is the easiest way to handle a situation like this? Be trustworthy!

You would put it away for later. You can say “Thanks for your butter tart! I think it’s delicious!” You know I am adamant about my health goals right now. Would you mind if I brought this along to put in my freezer, and then take it out when I reach my goal? Gentile suggests. Who can say no to honesty? You’ll thank yourself on Jan. 1, when everyone is making New Year’s resolutions.