New Study Reveals Stinging Nettle’s Ability to Inhibit Fat Accumulation

Everyone knows that washing down their Burger King Triple Whopper with a Weight-reducing Coke does nothing to counter the fat and energy it contains, yet something different could actually work: could sipping some refreshing Stinging Nettle Tea help lessen its impact? A study published in Vitamins appears to support such claims – something which makes perfect sense!

Stinging nettle, commonly referred to by its scientific name Urtica dioica, is an annual flowering plant found worldwide and especially within the US. Its extract has long been utilized in nutritional supplements without much evidence that suggests any real benefits; nevertheless it continues to be widely utilized within dietary products today. Leaves that contain abundant quantities of vitamins, such as nutritional vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carotenoids can serve as safe and efficient diuretics that will also encourage milk production in nursing women. Now, scientists from the University of Maryland have demonstrated how these leaves may become an invaluable weapon against diet-induced weight problems (see: 21 Best Wholesome Cooking Hacks Ever!) (View our 21 Most Wholesome Cooking Hacks For Success.).

Based on their prior research demonstrating how stinging nettle extract could increase mice blood sugar metabolism, scientists led by Dr. Diane N. Obanda had reason to suspect that feeding mice leaves from this plant might prevent weight gain–even while on high fat diets.

Dr. Obanda and her staff divided 36 male mice into 4 cohorts to test out their idea:

The primary group of 9 was fed a low-fat weight loss plan for 12 weeks, the second group received high-fat plans as well as including stinging nettle in their diet for 12 weeks, and finally there were those given both plans together with additional components such as stinging nettle.
The fourth group, consisting of nine participants, were fed a high-fat weight loss plan for six weeks; after which stinging nettle extract was introduced as part of their weight loss regime for an additional six-week trial period.
As expected, low-fat diets led to significantly less weight gain and fat accumulation than higher fat plans; however, adding stinging nettle into third group weight loss plans had even greater effects in terms of lessened load achieve and fat accumulation; in fourth group the rate of load achieve and fat accumulation significantly declined with its inclusion into their weight loss programs.

Dr. Obanda and her staff were eventually able to reach a conclusion: that eating stinging nettle as a herb had a beneficial impact on metabolism (although not precisely why; further analysis should provide answers). Given similarities in anatomy, physiology, genetics between mice and people that could translate to human topics – though further investigation would still need to take place first.

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