How Your Unhealthy Snacking Habits Can Lead to Weight Gain

Or do you? Consciously eating is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight; yet unmindful consumption often goes undetected, and often without our knowing! Recent research suggests multitasking on screens makes us less conscious of our food consumption habits than before.

Researchers from Endicott School and Michigan State University conducted a joint research project that measured how much snacking occurs while people watch screens versus how much people state they snacked while viewing screens. People typically under-reported how much they’d eaten; individuals more immersed in engaging activities were unaware how much food was actually being consumed; for example those engaged in watching television, text messaging, online shopping had worse estimates for how much was actually eaten than those engaged only in online reading (Associated Content: 100 Unhealthiest Meals on the Planet). (Sources). (Associated Content: 100 Unhealthiest Foods on Earth).

If weight reduction is your goal, screen-time snacking needs to stop immediately! And if nutrient-rich snacks keep you satisfied but eating healthily has become problematic for you–great news: studies showed that many study participants underreported how many healthy snacks they’d consumed–so distract yourself into eating healthier!

Doctors and nutritionists have long held that it is unhealthy for viewers or phone callers to watch television while eating unhealthy snacks,” Anna McAlister, Ph.D. stated to The Beet in her study co-author Anna’s Beet study co-author status report. However, what if similar snacking habits could instead promote more nutritional diet choices instead? By encouraging healthier snack choices while reinforcing similar behaviour patterns such as watching television while snacking nutritously-packed treats instead? “That may tilt the scales towards eating nutritiously-balanced nutrition!”

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